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Duke isn't an open world shooter and scripted events are how you do a storyline in a linear game. Or maybe I'm just old and busted. I will give them credit. The game is going to be awesome, June will be rad. BTW that song may be old but it sounds better than most of the songs out today Yeah, it doesn't look that great, but marketing generally doesn't reflect on the quality of a game. I'm hoping I get proven wrong though when it comes to playing the actual game. I hope the game sells well enough so we see another Duke game, with the next one being the more modern, up-to-date sequel.


She was always a bit more tiny and slimmer than a lot of the anal top women, but holy shit are those ass shakes good in this scene


omg fake ass. i don't think i'll ever be able to be bust a nut to ebony porn ever again. *unzips*


how to make a fake cumshot if you're a pornstar that hates the idea of swallowing cum: Pan camera away from head for some time before cum shot. Put in fake cum. Pan camera back on head. Dude pretends to cum. Show fake cum. Swallow

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