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No, she is not a role model. I personally dislike Miley because she is annoying, but I don't think anyone should hold barr or judge ANYONE else's life choices because of who they are. If she had been raised by my parents, my mom would have wanted to kill her. It is amazing to me how many people find it necessary to always blame someone for the actions of children, whether it is parents blaming Cyrus, or others blaming parents. We've had our press release. The choices your children make, reflect on what you have taught them. She is losing fans day after day because of what she has become. It's not Miley's, who's 17, job to parent your children. Hanna Montana is a fictitious character, Miley is not.


cant find khloe kapri best left unspoken ANYWHERE. Could someone upload??


y'all realize this bitch is a pornstar, right? this is all fake,


Her name is ashley anderson / Ashly anderson

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