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The "student" part of him doesn't get much focus, though, as the story take place on his off day, what with him getting killed and all. Tomoki Sakurai from Heaven's Lost Property. Until it turns out her father is a famous hero, her mother is some kind of evil goddess, the most powerful man in Europa wants to imprison her while his son would like to "form a mutual alliance" with herand she might cause an apocalyptic disaster just by existing. While he is utterly oblivious to all or this at the beginning, he has several split personalities, one of which has shut himself off from the world, and another of which is an utter sociopath who makes full use of his godly power. In his appearance in Blazblue Cross Tag BattleHyde's relative inexperience and his youthful Trash Talker tendencies are highlighted against the other protagonists, especially against Ruby Rose - he offers a poorly-worded Declaration of Protection to her unaware or forgetting that Ruby grew up in the wilds of a world overrun by soul-eating horrors and has trained since early childhood to be a Huntress. This proves to be a crucial distinction. Zero 's protagonist, Subaru, is an ordinary student Trapped in Another World. Same goes for the school bicyclethe head of the boxing club, and the Class Representative.


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